Monday, August 19, 2013

Teaching Schema, Characters and Narratives with Hollywood!

You can't start out a Hollywood Unit without knowing who does and doesn't like popcorn!
Good readers always use thier schema to make connections to the characters in a book.
 Beginning stages of our hallway display! I downloaded a free "Hollywood" font and cut the letters out by hand. I really need to get one of those cameos!
"Stars of Georgia" on display! 
To integrate social studies with the Hollywood theme, we study the "stars" of Georgia. These posters and much more can be purchased here.
We are using the ipad app "Toontastic" to create our own cartoons. We discussed setting, characters, problem and solution. The kids really love this activity!
How can we call it a Hollywood unit without making a movie? We are also using flip cameras to video our very own classroom movie. The kids came up with the big problem and solution and I helped with writing the script.

The Hollywood theme has been a blast in our room! If you are interested in the unit you can get it here!

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