Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week '13 Day 2: Classroom Digs!

I'm linking up again with bloghoppin' for day 2 of teacher week '13: Classroom digs! I know I've already had a classroom reveal and I intended on taking more pics today, but with the chaos of the first full week of school, I totally forgot! So here it is again:
This is my room from the door. Very clean... very simple! I don't like clutter at all, so the more clean, colorful and simple, the better for me. Each table has it's own shelf that includes each child's book box and crayon boxes. We have shared materials as well on each table.

This is the kidney table/guided reading table. Well... I guess you really can't see the table, but you know what it looks like! I keep my guided reading books and materials in the colorful drawers behind the table. This table also serves as my desk.
Empty bulletin boards! In my years of teaching, I've noticed that children don't really use premade posters and bulletin board sets. I leave the bulletin boards completely naked and ready for our anchor charts and student work.
This is my new chevron bookshelf! I really wish I would have taken a pic of the book organization actually on the shelf rather than just the cute painting! haha maybe next year!

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