Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday!

One of my favorite parts of being the gifted science teacher is robotics! This week the second graders were introduced to our Robo-robo robotics kits and built their first robot "Easybot". It is always so much fun to see their little hands and brains at work and to see them excited about robotics and coding! They are being set up for a bright future in STEM education!
Oh my! My third graders lost all power and ability to create fire! They must be able to make Thanksgiving dinner using a solar oven. What shall we do?!?! Well... they used their research and engineering skills to build their own solar ovens from materials in our room. But don't worry... the Thanksgiving dinner was really just cheese quesidilla!
I was so happy to finish up my Thanksgiving STEM engineering bundle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE engineering challenges and working alongside my kids. I will use these challenges in all grades of elementary.
In fourth grade this week we are learning all about weather and the weather tools meteorologists use. The kids have been challenged to make a weather box for our school that includes 5 homemade weather tools. Here is a box so far with a thermometer and anemometer:
I used my FAVORITE game this week! Most of you probably already know about it, but if you don't you totally have to try it out. However, you need a 1:1 classroom or a small group of ipads/devices. The game is called Kahoot and it's a game of knowledge and speed! My kids love racing through the game to see who is on top. If you are interested go to

This was my VERY FIRST five for Friday blog post! I hope someone out there enjoys it!

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