Sunday, February 2, 2014

Engineering Anyone?

This year I have had the honor of teaching an advanced content group of second graders. Keeping them intrigued has been a challenge, but tons of fun! Last week I experimented with engineering in our space unit by challenging the kids to create a parachute with a slow fall time. The kids and I all had SO... MUCH... FUN and learned a lot! I really wish I had some pictures to add, but in all the excitement I forgot! The parachutes really got me thinking about STEM and how to incorporate engineering into the classroom more. Therefore, this week I have planned a "Tall Tales Engineering Challenge"! I'm pumped about this. I found the unit on TPT and if you are interested you can grab it here. Each day in reader's workshop, we are reading and story mapping a new tall tale then I'm challenging the kids with the engineering challenge. I'm really excited about this new endeavour and hope it is a success!
Pictures coming soon...

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