Friday, October 4, 2013

October Currently and Mad Science Fun!

Loving: My favorite palomino Viv is back and ready to ride! It's been a long 5 months of rest, but I'm so happy she is sound!

Thinking: I have been so busy with life and work that I have ignored my blog... boo!
Wanting: My really fun team and I have plans for a prank... if you are at my school watch out!
Needing: a new computer! I love my macbook, but it might be time for a newer version.
Trick or Treat: Treat! Grab a Bats vs Owls Venn diagram here!
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Mad Science Fun!
One of my favorite themes in the school year is mad science!  It's a great way to teach the states of matter in a fun way. 

We will learn the 3 states of matter with a mad science flair! The kiddos will take part in many different science experiments to study the different matter. We will make oobleck, ice cream and explode a coke! This is a fan favorite from my kids every year!


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